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  That morning, when I woke up, I didn’t know that by afternoon I will break my heart. After my shower, I toasted myself half a bagel, spread cream cheese, and poured my coffee down the drain because there was no milk. At half past eight I got to my office and began my meetings. They were all exactly the… Read more →

Mr. Ozery’s Good Luck

  That Wednesday morning, when the prize stood on seven million, Mr. Ozery left home thinking about Arthur Schopenhauer. Why did he hate humanity so? he wondered. He had everything he needed, shelter over his head, quill and paper, his eyes to see, even a god position at the university. It is a blessing that I am not like him, concluded… Read more →

A Little Girl Calling

“Come,” she whispered to me, after grandma tucked me in, turned out the light and went to watch TV. A Car passed, and thin strips of light came in through the slats and climbed the wall, stretching to the ceiling, disappearing behind the bookcase. I didn’t answer. Don’t talk to her, I kept telling myself. Don’t ever talk to her.… Read more →