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No More Virgin Sex!

Hi Girlfriends, There’s an axiom accepted among erotica writers that if you want to have great, exciting sex, you must be a virgin, or very close to it. Ergo – good sex only comes to those with very little experience. What these writers are telling us, is that if you want to be excited about men, about sex, then you… Read more →


Sexting Between Jordan and Ari   “Hi,” Ari’s text appeared in her WhatsApp window. “Hi, ☺ Fell asleep in the garden thinking of you, how are you?” she texted back. “Finished with morning rehearsal. Building shelves in the study.” A saddened Jordan suspected that he missed his family home, where his children lived without him. But she imagined him shirtless,… Read more →

Who is she?

Hi Friends,   So here are some important questions to ask yourself when you’re building a character. Imagine this: You are a woman in labor. You are fully dilated and your contractions are coming one minute apart. One more push, you scream with the pain, and she is out. The umbilical cord is cut and she draws her first breath. She… Read more →

The ONLY Way to Edit your Book

Hi my friends,   Today I want to share with you my thoughts on how to edit your manuscript. A lot of people will teach you how to write, how to come up with ideas, how to develop a plot, how to write dialogue, how to plant your ass in the chair every day and write, and all that good… Read more →

Just Say No to 3TO

Hi Girlfriend, So today I want to bitch about one of the most common, and hated, descriptions in an erotica book, ever. It goes like this: (male:) Thrust, thrust, thrust. (female:) screaming orgasm. That’s it. Essentially, it’s a sex act that includes a very short session of thrusts of penis into vagina, immediately followed by an orgasm. No other stimulation. Perhaps… Read more →


  That morning, when I woke up, I didn’t know that by afternoon I will break my heart. After my shower, I toasted myself half a bagel, spread cream cheese, and poured my coffee down the drain because there was no milk. At half past eight I got to my office and began my meetings. They were all exactly the… Read more →

Mr. Ozery’s Good Luck

  That Wednesday morning, when the prize stood on seven million, Mr. Ozery left home thinking about Arthur Schopenhauer. Why did he hate humanity so? he wondered. He had everything he needed, shelter over his head, quill and paper, his eyes to see, even a god position at the university. It is a blessing that I am not like him, concluded… Read more →

A Little Girl Calling

“Come,” she whispered to me, after grandma tucked me in, turned out the light and went to watch TV. A Car passed, and thin strips of light came in through the slats and climbed the wall, stretching to the ceiling, disappearing behind the bookcase. I didn’t answer. Don’t talk to her, I kept telling myself. Don’t ever talk to her.… Read more →