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Callie’s Israeli and Middle eastern recipes. Real food for real people.

Lemony Tahini

  Okay, gang, this is a staple at my house. Tahini is an excellent source of iron and calcium and it’s fat is healthy. I make it all the time because there’s nothing more delicious. My version is very lemony and sharp so it spruces up anything. The most important thing about Tahini is to buy good quality raw sesame… Read more →

Easy to make Moussaka

Hi gang, I thought I’d share this one, an old favorite that always succeeds. People tend to think that making Moussaka is hard – well, I’m telling you it isn’t. Because I don’t fry the eggplants. I also save a ton of oil that way. So don’t be shy, try it out. It’s best on the second day – or so… Read more →

My comfort bread

  I make this bread a lot, all the time, so there’s always some in the freezer. I slice and freeze it when it’s still warm, and that way a slice is always ready for me. What better way to start the day then a toasted slice of home-made bread, slathered with home-made peanut butter and home made apricot jam?… Read more →

The Best Baba Ganoush EVER

Seriously, this is the BEST baba ganoush ever. I dare anyone to top this. I’m a serious fiend for baba ganoush, and the reason is, I grew up on this. My dad’s recipe. He always makes it for me, and he waits for me to pop open the Tupperware cover and stick a spoonful in my mouth. He follows my… Read more →

Chicken Tagine – a Moroccan feast

  I adopted this recipe from the Australian chef Neil Perry, then made changes to fit my family’s taste. You don’t have to use the fancy clay Tagine pot, just use a regular wide, everyday pot,  it’ll work just fine.   PrintChicken Tagine – a Moroccan feast IngredientsChermoula paste: 2 big onions 8 Garlic Cloves 2 Lemons, juiced 2 bunches… Read more →

Labneh – Middle Eastern yogurt cheese

This is a terrific and terrifically easy recipe for the sharp, creamy, yummy cheese that spreads perfectly on bread. And it’s fun to make, too, so involve the kids in the process. PrintLabneh – Middle Eastern yogurt cheese Ingredients11 oz. sheep yogurt, thick and creamy, at least 4% fat Pinch of salt Baby cloth diaper, with no odor of laundry… Read more →