Category: Erotica

My romantic mysteries with a strong erotic streak running through them.

Quiet Lovemaking

Jordan undressed him slowly, carefully, as if he was feverish. She stretched the neck opening of his tee-shirt to pull it gently over his head, she unbuckled and unzipped, then let his soft jeans fall off his hips, and she gently peeled off his boxers. In her heart, she held onto the undulating sea anemones, soft and quiet and colorful.… Read more →


Sexting Between Jordan and Ari   “Hi,” Ari’s text appeared in her WhatsApp window. “Hi, ☺ Fell asleep in the garden thinking of you, how are you?” she texted back. “Finished with morning rehearsal. Building shelves in the study.” A saddened Jordan suspected that he missed his family home, where his children lived without him. But she imagined him shirtless,… Read more →

Excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book

Late that night, Jordan drove north on Route 4. The storm was moving fast to the east. Foreplay is driving north, she told Ari a while back, and she felt it now. Sheets of rain struck her windshield, obtuse and obstructing, blinding her as she drove, fast, too fast, toward Ari. Slow down, breathe, it’s treacherous out here. The storm on… Read more →