Chicken Tagine – a Moroccan feast

  I adopted this recipe from the Australian chef Neil Perry, then made changes to fit my family’s taste. You don’t have to use the fancy clay Tagine pot, just use a regular wide, everyday pot,  it’ll work just fine.   Print Chicken Tagine – a Moroccan feast IngredientsChermoula paste: 2 big onions 8 Garlic Cloves 2 Lemons, juiced 2… Read more →

Labneh – Middle Eastern yogurt cheese

This is a terrific and terrifically easy recipe for the sharp, creamy, yummy cheese that spreads perfectly on bread. And it’s fun to make, too, so involve the kids in the process. Print Labneh – Middle Eastern yogurt cheese Ingredients11 oz. sheep yogurt, thick and creamy, at least 4% fat Pinch of salt Baby cloth diaper, with no odor of… Read more →

A Little Girl Calling

“Come,” she whispered to me, after grandma tucked me in, turned out the light and went to watch TV. A Car passed, and thin strips of light came in through the slats and climbed the wall, stretching to the ceiling, disappearing behind the bookcase. I didn’t answer. Don’t talk to her, I kept telling myself. Don’t ever talk to her.… Read more →

A really big one

Hi Friends, Today I want to talk with you about penis size. Men have been competing with each other since the dawn of time. They compete over many things but never as ferociously as they do over dick size. And here’s another interesting fact for you:  All erotica books ever written on this green planet give the hero a minimum… Read more →

Excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book

Late that night, Jordan drove north on Route 4. The storm was moving fast to the east. Foreplay is driving north, she told Ari a while back, and she felt it now. Sheets of rain struck her windshield, obtuse and obstructing, blinding her as she drove, fast, too fast, toward Ari. Slow down, breathe, it’s treacherous out here. The storm on… Read more →

Mr. Control-Freak and the Question of Equality

Hi friends, How many erotica books have you read where the male protagonist is a domineering, but sometimes benevolent, asshole? Right. There are more books like that than fingers and toes on a baby alien. So here’s another question: how many erotica books have you read where there is gaping inequality between the male and the female, and the power… Read more →

Come for me, baby!

Hi Friends, I love reading erotica. But I get seriously pissed off when I read erotica that reads like porn on the page. There’s a HUGE difference between the two. And if you don’t know what it is – then I guess I’ll dedicate a separate post for it. But for now, let me wail for a bit about a… Read more →