Critiquing Erotica – it’s not for the Faint of Heart

Hi friends,

You’re curious about erotica, or you’re already familiar with it and like it. And you are looking for well-written, hot, writing.

So I’ll try to help you.

I write erotica for mature, thinking women,  and you’ll be able to order my book pretty soon .

I will critique erotica here, but I must warn you: most of my feedback will NOT be positive. I’ve  read a lot of erotica and I find most of it not fit for female consumption. So I’ll be dishing it out, stiff stuff. I will not name names, what I want to do is show you what to look for when you read, and how to recognize the good stuff. I hope that you will be an agent of change when you write to your favorite authors and ask them for good erotica.

You are invited to make demands on me – what would you like me to review? to write about? to tell you? Please, ask away! I promise to bend over backwards to give you what you want.

So please,  join me, and lets talk!

Yours truly,


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