A really big one

Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk with you about penis size.

Men have been competing with each other since the dawn of time. They compete over many things but never as ferociously as they do over dick size.

And here’s another interesting fact for you:  All erotica books ever written on this green planet give the hero a minimum of 9 inches and girth that would make a plumber proud.

My question to you is, why do we, women, buy into the male ethos and accept this axiom that bigger is better? Huh? Why don’t we have erotica that extols the average guy as the best lover?

I must admit that I sin just as much as all other writers; Ari Ash, my hero in Ash’s Fire, is very generously endowed…

Okay, so we can agree that we have minimum requirements. We wouldn’t accept a peanut dick in our bed and we don’t accept them in our books. It’s definitely not erotic to read about the Bold Billionaire dropping his pants to reveal a short little thing that makes you feel like the Panama Canal. Neither is it acceptable to get a really thin one, which, regardless of length, is just as bad.

But why not average guys? For some reason, Mr. 5-inch is extinct in female literature. I have never run across a hot cowboy with a modest whip. Even though I can agree that he’s enough to prevent the lethal question, ‘are you in, honey?’

Furthermore, we all know that there’s absolutely no proof that the well-endowed guys do a better job in the sack then their more modest brethren. Some gals claim that the opposite is true, because the modestly built guys try harder. I’ll admit that I’ve met a few of those, and they have done right by me.

And yet, most of us are impressed with a large-to-giant cock…

Admittedly, they do look better. But they also turn us on, and they make us open our mouths more readily than their little brothers do, even though we know we’re going to gag.

So the question remains: why do we crave the big ones? Why do we fantasies about them? Is that because we’ve been indoctrinated? And consequently, why do all male protagonists in our erotic literature carry a member so large that their tent can keep us dry in a thunderstorm?

So this is what I think.

There are various studies that suggest that women prefer bigger boners because they carry a promise of more orgasms. Maybe so, maybe not, I don’t think it’s the answer.

I think that the explanation is simple. In real life, we like our males to be strong. We want them to provide physical, financial and social security. We also want them to be dominant. That is our evolutionary heritage. They hunt – we gather. They protect – we nurture. Don’t you agree that a short guy is automatically less attractive? And a guy with narrow shoulders is even less attractive? The big guys simply fit their evolutionary roles of a male much better, and so, we find them more attractive. It doesn’t matter that you don’t need physical power to found Microsoft (isn’t that hilarious? Both micro and soft, and still makes more money than any other man alive?).

And part of being big – is being big all over. Not least of which is the procreation department. Male humans have developed to become the largest of all primates with regard to penis size. Male humans have proportionally much much bigger dicks than any other primate, bar none. Gorillas have tiny little bananas in comparison, as do Bonobos, chimps and Orangutans.

And that evolution heritage spills into our fantasies, and from there, into our literature.

In our fantasies, this preference manifests itself even more boldly. That’s why there are no erotic novel heroes who are 5’8” or 5”. Not one. Because having a big dick is part of being big and strong. The six-foot-four billionaire with a 9-inch equipment and a high rise in Manhattan is male all over. A successful male in every respect. Big and strong and dominant. Perfect for female fantasy.

So I’d be stupid to write about a guy who isn’t big and tall and broad shouldered and successful, yet at the same time, I admit: I’ve fallen into the same heap as all other erotica writers.

And I dare you to write a successful book about a modest-sized guy. I really want to read it!


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